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Why Choosing Hydroponic Instead of Conventional System?

The hydroponic system uses a 'neutral' planting medium that allows farmers to manage plant nutrition precisely. In addition, the irrigation technique using drip fertigation ensures that the nutrients provided are optimally absorbed by the plants. Water circulation techniques and treatment before planting make the hydroponic products free from harmful pesticide residues.

In addition, the hydroponic system allows planting distance to be done more tightly so that the harvest amount per m2 is much greater than the conventional planting. The irrigation process is carried out & controlled with the help of machine so the work of farmers will become easier.

Our Premium Sweet Melons

Greenigal Melon
(Galia Melon)

A melon with yellow skin type, has a sweet taste with a soft and dense texture. It has green-colored flesh with white on its center, a shelf life between 7 - 10 days and 14 - 21 days in low temperature.

Greenigal melon has a weight between 0.8 - 1.8 kg and a sweetness level (brix) above 13.

Sunray Melon
(Hamigua Melon)

A melon with green color skin and yellowish patterns. It has salmon colored flesh, sweet taste with fresh and crunchier texture. Has shelf life between 7 - 10 days and 14-21 days in low temperature.

Sunray melon has a weight between 0.8- 1.8 kg and sweetness level (brix) above 13.

Greenisweet Melon
(Green Honeydew Melon)

Cream Colored Melon with clean and smooth skin. It has bright green colored flesh, sweet taste, and chewy texture. Its shelf life is between 7 - 10 days and 14-21 days in low temperature.

Greenisweet melon has a weight between 0.8- 1.8 kg and sweetness level (brix) above 13.

Emeralda Melon
(Rock Melon)

Emeralda melon has dark green skin, salmon-colored flesh, and shelf life between 7-10 days and 14-21 days in low temperature. It has sweet taste and fresh crunchy texture.

Emeralda melon has a weight between 0.8 - 1.8 kg and sweetness level (brix) above 13.

Why You Should Choose Our Premium Sweet Melon Than Any Regular Melons?

Our hydroponic premium melons are among the highest grade of melons you can find. Grown in controlled greenhouse, water levels, temperature and humidity are carefully supervised to ensure the resulting fruit is juicy and sweet.

Pesticide Free

Do you know that consuming pesticide-treated fruits can induce adverse health effects including cancer, effects on reproduction, immune or nervous systems. It means consuming our pesticide-free melons is healthier and safer.

Grown in Green House

Greenhouses protect plants from excessive heat and cold, protect plants from dust storms and "blizzards", and help keep pests out. So, the plants can grow well even in rainy season

100% Hydroponic Product

There are some benefits of using a hydroponic system, which are pest disturbance is more controlled and the success of plants to grow and produce is more guaranteed. We can provide you melons up to 60 MT per month consistently.

Softer and Sweeter

Our melons have a sweeter taste and softer texture than any regular melons you can find. We are so confident that everyone who consumes our melon will love it and want to get more.


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